Boogie Chicks



The Boogie Chicks Project emerges in the sequence of the promotion work and development of Female Bodyboard, done by Dora Gomes, between 1993 and 1997, in partnership with the athlete Catarina Sousa.

With the same goal as Dora Gomes, and because women's Bodyboard suffered a major decline during the year there were no meetings. Catarina Sousa and Teresa Duarte regained the initiative in 2004, creating the Boogie Chicks event.

The starting point of this Project is the idea that the Boogie Chicks event can promote the women's Bodyboard in Portugal and around the world.

Catarina Sousa and Teresa Duarte remain firm to their goals to boost this sport helping the Portuguese bodyboarders.

In 2003 they organized the 1st National Boogie Chicks event and in 2008 it arrived at Brazil and Venezuela. In 2005 the 1st and unique Bodyboard School in the world emerged, for girls only to the date (Boogie Chicks School), through the international athlete's hands, Catarina Sousa.

They promise not to stop here, because the Boogie Chicks is a growing project.

We are counting on you!