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Boogie Chick School

The BOOGIE CHICKS Girls School is inserted in Aqua Carca, Aquatic New Sports Association, whose goal consists in promoting new Aquatic modalities and teaching young people a healthy and amazing new life style.

Thus, the rules of one sport modality, Bodyboard conjugate with the rules of our civilization that will help grow as people and as athletes. This Association includes mixed teaching (boys and girls) and only girls.

The BOOGIE CHICKS Girls School, is aimed for all the girls that want to learn how to do Bodyboard.

Usually, girls have a more difficult time practicing this sport, being that there's no "market" and offer directed to them in the Bodyboard schools through the country.

Due to this, to promote girls Bodyboarding, in Portugal, the BOOGIE CHICKS School will work directly with girls in Bodyboard.

I have practiced Bodyboard for more than 15 years, and having gone through some of these difficulties and not despising the male gender, I decided to go forward with the bodyboard school, dedicated exclusively for girls that need this support.

The Boogie Chicks School is located at Carcavelos beach, close to Pastorinha Restaurant and is open during all year with beginners, intermediate and competition classes and birthday parties, bachelor parties and much more.

Catarina Sousa